Funko To Release Suicide Squad Pop Figures With Multiple Harley Quinns And Jokers


There's already a lot of excitement about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, which will feature live-action versions of some pretty popular villains from the DC Comics universe.

Funko will immortalize those characters as Pops, including variant versions of both Harley Quinn and the Joker, as well as Deadshot.

The figures will feature the characters in their signature costumes, but also a few other costumes sure to pop up in the movie. So, in addition to Harley's "Daddy's 'Lil Monster" T-shirt, there's also a version of Harley as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, suggesting that we're going to see a little of her backstory in the movie.

There's also a Pop for Harley in her prison uniform, as well as a little gold dress we haven't seen yet in sneak peeks or previews.

Joker also gets a few additional outfits for his figures, including one in a tux and tails. Deadshot fans can choose between the character with or without his mask.

Here's the full lineup of Suicide Squad Pop figures:

Please note that some of these figures are exclusive to certain stores, such as Hot Topic and Walmart.

Funko will also release some other merchandise for the movie, including Pop figure keychains, plushies and a few Vinyl figures.

Suicide Squad brings together some of the most famous villains of the DC Comics universe in a live adaptation as a group of misfits being brought together as a black ops team for the government. Warner Bros. released the first full trailer for the movie back in January, which went over well with DC fans.

A few lucky fans got to view the film early on, and most of the impressions were positive. That came after rumors that the movie was going into re-shoots to add more humor, although director David Ayer insisted that the re-shoots scheduled had nothing to do with making the movie funnier, but allowed him to add even more elements — probably action — to the film.

Suicide Squad lands in theaters on Aug. 5. Fans can expect the Funko Pop figures to start showing up in stores soon.

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