Texas Town Erects Selfie Statue Right Next To City Hall: Modern Art Or Millennial Kitsch?


Sugar Land, Texas, seems to be a place where selfies are not only a millennial pastime but also a celebrated activity of the human spirit.

The town, which has a population of 83,000 people, decided to honor the narcissistic habit by placing a bronze statue of two girls taking a selfie, right outside the city hall building.

According to the authorities, the sculpture is not the only new addition to the city's public art. The selfie sculpture is part of a 10-piece collection that was donated by a generous resident of the city. It's aimed to portray the ways in which people spend time in the square, and it is not the only artistic manifestation of its kind. Another statue, showcasing a man playing the guitar, was also deployed. The two works of art are estimated to be worth about $32,500.

Keep in mind that the City Hall paid nothing for the works of art.

The Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has confirmed that the statues are a depiction of the most common activities that take place in the public space. What is more, the regulatory board points out that including the sculpture in the Town Square plaza fits into place with "the City and the Legacy Foundation's commitment to establish cultural arts amenities."

"Activities and facilities that enrich the artistic, cultural, educational, and historical character of Sugar Land" are fully supported by the City Hall, points out the press release.

Some are less than enthusiastic about the newest addition to the plaza, however.

Complaints started piling up on Twitter from visitors and residents of Sugar Land who highly disapprove of the statue.

Federiko Raivan backs her up by stating his annoyance and a (probably) unfair conclusion that each generation suffers a decline in intelligence. However, some found the piece of art amusing and wasted no time before pulling a meta stunt and taking a selfie with the statue.

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