Through a post on its official blog, Psyonix announced that the next update for Rocket League will add Rare and Very Rare items to the game, along with a new trade-in system.

The additional features expand the item attribute system that was revealed last week, which will add Painted and Certified items that allow users to customize their vehicles. Painted items are versions of current wheel and toppers in different colors, while Certified items upgrade while the user achieves certain stats and milestones.

The Rare and Very Rare items coming to Rocket League can only be acquired through online matches. These items include some that are inspired by the game's "meta" theme, which will be revealed within the week, rare decals that can be affixed to cars and very rare Boost trails.

The trade-in system that will be added to the game will solve the issue of players who have accumulated several copies of Uncommon items. Once the update has been released, players will be able to trade in five pieces of one Uncommon item or five pieces of a Rare item to get one item from the next higher quality.

With the trade-in system, players will finally have something to do with all the Uncommon items that they have collected while also giving them more options on how to acquire the items that they want.

The trade-in system will be accessible through the Manage Inventory menu of the game's Garage.

In addition to announcing the new quality of items and the trade-in system, Psyonix also revealed that it is planning to implement a player-to-player trading system in a future update. The company announced it because players, instead of trading in duplicate of their items, may want to hold on to them and instead try to trade them to other players in the future, as they might get better value that way.

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