Last month, leaked marketing materials for Bungie's massively popular sci-fi shooter Destinyrevealed that the next expansion for the game will be titled Rise of Iron.

According to the post on Reddit, where the leaked materials were uploaded, the DLC will be shown by Bungie at the annual E3 this month, with a release date set for September.

Two insiders were said to have confirmed the expansion and the information regarding it. Further confirmation of Rise of Iron has now been made, as Bungie was found to have filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 31 for the name of the DLC.

The trademark application was filed by Bungie for use in video game software, along with several other media types. There has been no official confirmation yet from Bungie though, despite the overwhelming evidence on Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron is expected to have a Fallen theme, with a size much larger compared to the DLC packs that Bungie has previously released for Destiny. The expansion is also said to be including a new raid, along with a new weapon type.

Rise of Iron is also expected to have a heavy focus on the Iron Lords and the Iron Wolves, with the leaked promotional material featuring Lord Saladin of the Iron Banner wielding a menacing-looking weapon that looks like a flaming axe. There is no connection so far made between the DLC and the regular Iron Banner player vs. player event in Destiny.

Bungie will be holding a Destiny Reveal Stream on June 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT, in which the company said it would be revealing the next threat that the game's players will be confronting. The stream, which will be hosted on the official Twitch channel of Bungie, could already contain hints of the upcoming Rise of Iron.

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