It's a parent's worst nightmare to catch their teenager getting into trouble. Experimenting may be part of growing up, but the last thing any mother wants is for their baby to be drinking or taking drugs and to find out the hard way. If they were to find something illegal hidden in their child's room, chances are, they would flip out and ground the child until adulthood.

What's probably worse is being blindsided when thinking that their well-behaved teen wasn't participating in this kind of recreational activities. So just imagine this mother's shock when she found a stash of drugs in her daughter's room — and she wasn't even snooping on purpose.

Texas teen Ashley Banks texted her mom, asking if her mom could get the calculator that might have been located in the nightstand drawer in Banks' room. Her mother agreed but was shocked to find a Ziplock baggie that contained colorful "pills" in the drawer.

Banks' mom then responded with a picture of what seemed to be a bag of drugs, and asked her what they were. She even texted using her daughter's first and middle name (indicating she meant business), demanded Banks come home immediately, and informed her that she would be grounded until further consequences were dished out.

But, instead of denying that the "pills" were hers, Banks texted back the crying laughing face emoji and told her mother they weren't drugs.

"Go put them in water," she texted, followed by "just do it" when her mom asked why.

Her mom must have been even more surprised by what she found when she did this because her response was simply a picture. And the picture revealed that the "pills" were actually Magic Grow capsules, the "grow your own dinosaur in water" toys.

Now that the teen's mom could breathe a sigh of relief that her daughter wasn't secretly doing drugs, Banks still had one last thing to explain: why in the world would she buy these dinosaur toys?

"Idk they looked cool."

While this whole scenario could have been hell for her mom, Banks found the interaction rather funny and shared the screenshots of the messages on Twitter, which has since gone viral.

Leave it to teens to drive their mothers mad.

Source: Twitter

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