Rumors have been swirling incessantly that Apple will be announcing the much-awaited MacBook Pro 2016 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Building on the speculations, an enterprising designer has created some concept images for the Apple notebook.

The notable designer in question is Martin Hajek, who has many laudable concept designs for Apple devices to his credit. Hajek has now come up with a creative design for the impending MacBook Pro 2016 which touts an OLED touch panel.

On Thursday, June 9, Hajek shared some concept renderings of the MacBook Pro 2016 for which he took inspiration from the circulating rumors pertaining to the notebook.

"So there is this rumour of a new MacBook with an OLED display/touchpad ... After all those flat 2D previews here are some renderings showing it in full 3D glory," says Hajek. Adding that "if the OLED display/keypad really happens it could be a handy way of managing your Spotify playback or keeping track of that latest Game Of Thrones torrent download!"

The concept images from Hajek are awesome to say the least and show why the next-gen MacBook Pro could be a potential game changer, throwing the gauntlet to rival notebooks.

One of the most persistent rumors pertaining to the 2016 edition of the MacBook Pro is that it will boast an OLED touch panel, which will be dynamic and able to adjust to cater to the requirements of a particular app. Basically, the new MacBook Pro models are anticipated to substitute the physical function key atop a keyboard with an OLED display touch bar.

One of the concept renders (below) from Hajek shows off the OLED panel in action when it has Spotify running.

The only downer is that the concept image omits the presence of volume buttons. These could have replaced the icons for battery life and Wi-Fi. Another image shared by the designer imagines the MacBook Pro 2016 with Siri running on it. This inclusion too is in keeping with the floating rumors that Apple's intelligent personal assistant will make its way to MacBook Pro.

Another concept image shows off the OLED panel with Transmission running in the backdrop.

Rumors have been rife that the MacBook Pro 2016 will house the Intel Skylake processor, which will replace the Broadwell and Haswell processors. Thanks to the new chipset, the MacBook Pro will possibly be 25 percent faster than the older models.

The MacBook Pro is also anticipated to benefit from TouchID and will see marginal alterations in its design. The notebook could, however, possibly benefit from the gold color option.

Check out all the concept renders of the MacBook Pro 2016 on Martin Hajek's website.

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