Texas has been home to Google's high-speed Fiber internet service for the past three years, with the service already deployed in Austin and being built out in San Antonio.

A third city in the Lone Star state will also soon be seeing Fiber deployed, as Google has announced plans of bringing the service to Dallas.

The announcement, made through a post on the official Google Fiber blog, reveals that the company is now working alongside Mayor Mike Rawlings and other city officials to bring Fiber into the city. Google will be looking to learn more about the topography of the city, the existing infrastructure and other factors, which will have an impact on the construction of the fiber optic network that the high-speed internet service requires.

The company noted that with the complex and dense urban environment of Dallas, building out the fiber optic network will prove to be challenging. However, the discussions with city officials will allow Google to plan the most responsible and efficient way of doing so.

Google Fiber Director of Expansion Jill Szuchmacher, however, could not say how long the exploration stage would take. For San Antonio, it took 17 months since it was tagged as a potential city for Fiber expansion before the decision to finally construct the network was made.

Szuchmacher said that the reason Google is looking to expand Fiber into Dallas is due to the city having one of the highest rates of job growth in the United States. In addition, with the thriving state of the city's tech sector, there will be a lot of customers who will be able to take advantage of the high-speed internet service.

According to Google, with Fiber, businesses in Dallas will be given more opportunities to grow and increase productivity, as files can be downloaded in seconds and not hours, and communications would be much faster with their customers. Families will also be able to enjoy the service, as they will be able to use Fiber to keep in touch with their loved ones and stream content efficiently.

With the addition of Dallas as a potential Fiber city, there are now 12 cities on the list. There are six upcoming Fiber cities in addition to San Antonio, namely Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Salt Lake City, Utah and San Francisco, California.

Fiber is currently available in five cities in addition to Austin, namely Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Kansas/Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee and Provo, Utah.

Alphabet, Google's parent company, is also currently working on new technology that will do away with fiber optic cables for providing internet services by beaming connections to households wirelessly.

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