Baymax. Remember that name, parents. He's the new Olaf.

You know, that one wacky sidekick from every Disney or Pixar animated movie that kids just can't get enough of. In Frozen, it was Olaf the snowman. In Tangled, it was (arguably) Maximus the horse. In The Incredibles, it was Edna Mode. In Up, it was Dug the dog.

In Disney's upcoming superhero flick Big Hero 6, it's Baymax, a helpful, balloon-like robot. Though he's originally created to serve as a medical-minded servant, eventually he's drafted and reconfigured to function as a kick-butt superhero. His best friend is Hiro Hamada, a young teen living in the fictional city of San Fransokyo who happens to be a robotics prodigy.

When a supervillian named Yokai threatens the city, Hiro assembles a group of friends and outfits them with advanced technologies, turning the six of them (including Baymax) into a team of superheroes. All of the trailers thus far have focused on the friendship between Hiro and Baymax, but this new full-length trailer gives you a good look at the rest of the team.

Here's a breakdown of the group. First up is Hiro, who, with his special suit, controls microbots that he can twist and use as any shape or weapon he likes.

Baymax, as we've already seen, is a compassionate robot-turned-warrior.

Fred is a dorky comic book fanboy who, with his fixation on Godzilla-type monsters, gets himself a fire-breathing, monster-shaped suit.

Go Go Tomago, a daredevil adrenaline junkie who doesn't talk much, gains special maglev discs that let her move faster than ever before.

Wasabi is a big, burly guy who's extremely cautious and a tad neurotic. His suit gives him plasma blades, which he uses in conjunction with his own martial arts knowledge.

Finally, Honey Lemon is a nerdy/mad scientist type who uses her genius knowledge of chemistry to cook up solutions that she wields as weapons.

Big Hero 6 will be in theaters on November 7, 2014.

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