Before Disney and Pixar's Finding Dory, the sequel to the much-loved Finding Nemo, swims into theaters and into our hearts this weekend, let's take a look at Pixar's top 10 animated movie characters. Here are our favorites.

Top 10: Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) - The Incredibles (2004)

These days, animated movies are not just for kids anymore. And we've seen the shift in how Pixar creates its characters. Take Bobb Parr aka Mr. Incredible for one. What's great about this character is that he is highly relatable to many male viewers.

Remember that part when he first told Elastigirl that he works alone? As the movie progresses, viewers get to see this superhero's flaw and how he deals with it by becoming more flexible.

Top 9: Remy - Ratatouille (2007)

This tiny character has surpassed many obstacles in the animated movie Ratatouille, but its biggest challenge by far is the one off-screen.

How Pixar and Remy managed to keep audiences from freaking out about a rat preparing food in a classy French restaurant is an absolute triumph of characterization. Remy's dreamer personality also won many fans over, not succumbing to defeat despite his size, species and situation.

Top 8: Bing Bong - Inside Out (2015)

Anyone who has seen Inside Out probably shed a tear — or fought one — when the pink elephant made one of the biggest sacrifices in the film. The situation is relatable to many.

As Joy painstakingly tries to save, or at least hold on the happy memories shared with an imaginary childhood friend, there comes a time when they need to go. And Bing Bong delivers an astonishing performance and message to many older viewers.

Top 7: Edna Mode - The Incredibles (2004)

The first thing viewers are likely to remember upon seeing Edna Mode, the half German, half Japanese black-wearing snappy superhero costume designer, is her stark resemblance to American Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour.

Apart from reminding people about the uselessness of capes in superhero suits, this tiny, witty and fast-talking character could have run the world but decided to work behind the scenes.

Top 6: Carl Fredricksen - Up (2009)

It's hard to talk about the best Pixar movie characters without mentioning Pixar's first fully rounded human character. Carl's grumpy old man exterior and untold backstory remind viewers that there is more than what is on the surface.

Top 5: Violet Parr - The Incredibles (2004)

Violet, the eldest child of the superhero hero Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, could have gone to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Here we have a teenager who is so afraid of her powers that she ends up putting her entire family in danger. In the film, we see young Violet accept her powers and how her acceptance opened to new opportunities, including a date.

Top 4: Woody - Toy Story Movies (1995-2010)

The adorable Sheriff Woody reminds us of Ted Mosby in the TV series How I Met Your Mother. They're out to do what's right for their friends and they are both extremely loyal.

Woody's devotion to Andy throughout the movie series includes his slow acceptance of the newcomer Buzz Lightyear, make him all the more relatable. Much like the Harry Potter movies, the fans of the Toy Story movies grew up with the films and similar to its ending, they had a hard time letting go.

Top 3: Dory - Finding Nemo (2003)

This supporting character is so good that not only did she steal the show, she also earned a self-named movie sequel. So, this really isn't the top 10 best Pixar movie characters without the little Blue Tang fish that swam faster into the viewers' hearts. Dory may have a bad memory, but her name has an instant recall among the viewers.

Top 2: Joy - Inside Out (2015)

Some viewers turn green (Disgust) when the base-emotion character Joy glides into the screen. But this character has managed to win many hearts over. That's what Joy — the character and the emotion — does. It's contagious.

Amy Poehler did such a great job as the voice behind the character that we find ourselves saying, "Let's be happy people!"

Top 1: Buzz Lightyear - Toy Story Movies (1995-2010)

Buzz Lightyear is classic Pixar and he never goes out of style. However, what makes this hard-headed character so likable is his journey from an idealistic space ranger to a devoted toy. In some way, it relates to many viewer's own journey from childhood to adulthood. And who could forget Buzz Lightyear's Spanish alter ego? If this list is a bit longer, he would need his own spot.

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