Microsoft has announced a new program called the Xbox Design Lab, which will allow gamers to design their wireless controller.

With the Xbox Design Lab, customers will be able to customize the color of nearly all the parts of the controller, such as the D-pad, shoulder trigger and front and back panels. Microsoft claims that users will have access to about 8 million color combinations for their Xbox controller. In addition, customers can engrave text on the controller's front.

"Now you can personalize your very own Xbox Wireless Controller with Xbox Design Lab. Start from scratch or customize an existing design online, choosing from a wide range of color combinations. You can even add laser engraving for a more personal touch. You design it. We build it. With Xbox Design Lab, the next Xbox wireless controller is truly in your hands," says Xbox.

Customers have to pay $80 for a customized Xbox wireless controller. They will also have to splash an extra $10 if they want text engraved on the controller. It is worth noting that a traditional Xbox controller costs $60 and customers are paying about $20 extra for customizing their controller.

Reports suggest that designing an Xbox controller will be quite painless and involve a quick process. Customers simply have to pick a color for the body and then pick the matching color scheme for other components, such as face buttons and more.

After customers have finished designing, they just need to press finish to save their masterpiece. Customers will also have the option to give a name to their design and enter up to 15 characters for laser engraving.

Gamers will have to enter their shipping and payment details once the entire customization process is finished. It can take up to 14 days for Microsoft to ship a customized Xbox controller.

Customers are already excited about the Xbox Design Lab.

"I'm not even a console gamer, but i'm loving this controller and the Design Lab," comments a YouTuber.

Since the Xbox Design Lab will help Xbox fans to personalize their Xbox controller in the way they want, it is very likely that Microsoft will be able to attract more gamers and increase revenue.

It remains to be seen whether or not the company will introduce customization for the Xbox consoles in the near term.

Check out a short video released by Microsoft on the latest Xbox Design Lab below.

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