This year's E3 brought a lot of new information about Bethesda's next title, Dishonored 2.

Not only did players get a look at gameplay, but developer Arkane Studios also recently confirmed that the title will be longer than the first Dishonored.

One of the main complaints from Dishonored players was that it had a very short play time, of around eight to 12 hours. Although the game did allow for replayability, giving players a chance to play through the game with a different style, those few hours still didn't feel like much for the price of $60.

The new title in the franchise, though, will leave players feeling more satisfied. Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios' creative director, told VG 24/7 that Dishonored 2 will let players spend a longer time in that world and that most playthroughs should run from 12 to 20 hours, meaning it's almost twice as long as the first game.

Dishonored 2 picks up 15 years after the first game. Emily was once Empress, but has since been overthrown by an usurper. As a result, she becomes an outlaw and begins training as an assassin to learn how to take her city back. Corvo, the main protagonist of the first game, is available for players to use in Dishonored 2, but Emily will also become an option in the sequel. Both have assassin skills that allow them to move stealthily through environments.

Players get a choice with how to play the game: they can choose to move stealthily without making any kills, they can kill everyone who gets in their way or they can use a combination of the two styles to progress. As in the first game, this choice will affect the final outcome of the story.

Both characters will also have the same missions, but will have different powers, so this title should also allow for multiple playthroughs: at least one for each character. Upgrades are also different this time around: now, players get to work with skill trees. The AI is also smarter: if Emily and Corvo happen to peer out from behind cover for too long, they will get spotted.

Bethesda plans on betting big on the second game in the franchise and promises that it will offer more challenge to the player. The company also plans on expanding the universe into other media as well: Dishonored will also get a comic book and novel series that will include more background information about what's been going on in that world since the first game.

Bethesda originally announced Dishonored 2 at last year's E3: the game releases this year on the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Nov. 11.

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