Conan O'Brien aired another Apple parody commercial, this time gagging on the stiff competition between the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4 and the so-called bendgate scandal.

According to user complaints, the highly anticipated iPhone 6 Plus was created with metal that is too soft, causing the phone to bend while people were sitting with their phones in their pockets.

Conan poked at the "flaccid" iPhone 6 Plus on Thursday's show, saying that the superior Note 4 stays "hard" all day. Filled with other sexual innuendos, the parody commercial starts off with an actor showing a friend his new iPhone 6 Plus which is noticeably curved. The spoof depicts the Note 4 as being rigid enough to remain straight, even when placed in a pocket.

People are encouraged to curve the Note 4, bend it and slap it around, according to the spoof. "It can take it," the voice over whispers.

The bendgate scandal has gained momentum after a video surfaced of a user applying pressure to the iPhone 6 Plus that shows how easily it could bend.

In response to the bendgate criticism, Apple claims that only nine people have reported their phones suffering from the bending issue. The company has also released details about its testing standards to ease concerns.

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