With the last piece of DLC released for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Geralt of Rivia's tale has officially come to an end.

Or has it? What will Geralt do now that he has saved Ciri and the world from the villainous Wild Hunt? Will he return to Triss or Yennefer or go out on his own?

In a new video shot by Maul Cosplay, Geralt does what any self-respecting Witcher does when the mission is over: he goes on a vacation.

In The Witcher 4: San Andreas, Geralt strips off his armor, puts on his board shorts and grabs his skateboard to hit the boardwalk. After facing the cold damp of the Skellige Islands, it's nothing but sunshine and warmth for the hero.

Geralt also spends some time shooting hoops and getting a few new tattoos to honor the ladies he loves (and it seems that, even after the events of The Witcher 3, the poor guy is still torn).

Maul Cosplay is well-known for his depiction of the world's most famous Witcher: he even spent time at this year's E3 as the official model for the character, chosen by The Witcher developer CD Projekt Red.

In The Witcher 3, Geralt of Rivia must save his protege, Ciri, from the Wild Hunt, who would use her for their own nefarious purposes. As the final part of The Witcher trilogy, Wild Hunt also featured two major pieces of DLC. CD Projekt Red announced that the most recent, Blood and Wine, is the last content for the game, although the developer promised to continue releasing patches to fix any bugs as they arise.

However, CD Projekt Red has one more Witcher-related project up its sleeve: the company announced that it will release a video game of Gwent, the in-game card game from The Witcher 3 that proved popular with a lot of players.

"Yes, we were mysteriously quiet after the launch of The Witcher 3, but during all this time we were hard at work on what we just unveiled today — Gwent: The Witcher Card Game," CD Projekt Red co-founder Marcin Iwiński said in a press release. "We've taken all that heart and energy you gave us and put it into Gwent."

Now, though, the company plans on shifting its focus to its next big title, Cyberpunk 2077, which should prove bigger and more ambitious than any other project the developer has completed to date.

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