Here's a trivia - what's red, black, juicy and very deadly? Bet you don't know and, in fact, you'll be better off not knowing, unlike this unfortunate woman in Pennsylvania.

Yvonne Whalen, of Monaghan, Pennsylvania, was recently left in shock when she discovered a black widow spider among the red grapes that she bought from a local supermarket. The similar family of spiders have previously been found in four states.

Whalen found two deadly spiders hiding in the bunch of grapes. One of the two died as the grapes were kept in the refrigerator.

"The next thing I know, there was this leg coming up over a grape and needless to say I dropped by grapes in the sink," Whalen said.

A bug expert who came over her house to identify the spider, confirmed it was a black widow spider, the most venomous among all spiders. A single bite of a black widow spider could kill a human being unless treated quickly. Whalen was very lucky she didn't get bitten.

"There's no mistaking a black widow, even in a juvenile form like this. There is just enough there that you can really tell it's a black widow," said Ryan Bridge, the bug expert.

The grapes were purchased from the Giant Food Stores, whose store officials acknowledged that these accidents happened from time to time.

"A customer alerted us today that she found a black widow spider in grapes she had purchased from our Dillsburg store," Giant said in a statement. "We regret that this incident has occurred and are taking immediate steps to prevent a similar incident from happening in the future. We will continue to diligently inspect product both at our perishable distribution center and at the store while thoroughly investigating this serious matter with our suppliers."

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