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Invasive Brown Widow Spider Spotted In Oregon For The First Time

A single brown widow spider was spotted in Oregon for the first time. Authorities don't believe it has been established but they are urging residents to report any possible sightings.

Animals October 6, 2018

What If Your Child Gets Bitten By A Black Widow Spider? Massachusetts Couple Learns The Hard Way

Josh and Kristine Donovan of Massachusetts were shocked to find out that their 5-year-old daughter got bitten by a black widow spider. These spider bites are deemed very rare and usually strike in southern and western U.S. regions.

Public Health June 13, 2017

Tarantula Spotted Eating Snake In The Wild For The First Time

A rare case of a Tarantula spider eating up a snake in the wild has been reported from Brazil. This was surprising despite certain species of spiders are known for eating snakes.

Animals January 12, 2017

How One Virus Stole Deadly Black Widow Spider DNA That Codes For Venom

What could it possibly mean when a bacteria crosses borders and infects a virus that is only found within the arthropod kingdom? A pair of scientists discovered this unusual phenomenon and is continuously studying the results.

Animals October 15, 2016

Black Widow Spider's Red Hourglass Evolved To Deter Predators

Just like the comic book spy who bears its name, the black widow is an expert at 'sending' hidden messages. Its strange red hourglass-shaped mark apparently acts as a warning sign to deter potential predators.

Animals March 2, 2016

Male black widow spiders can teach a thing or two to Miley Cyrus about twerking (and not getting eaten)

In the world of black widow spiders, where sexual cannibalism is common, twerking can make the difference between life and death.

Animals January 20, 2014

Jelly to the rescue: Mark Zuckerberg wants to know what a spider is doing in his shower

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may or may not be suffering from arachnophobia, but he didn't hesitate a moment before turning to the Jelly community for help when he spotted a particularly menacing spider in his bathroom.

Apps/Software January 19, 2014

What's red, black, juicy and very deadly? Bet you don't know

Here's a trivia - what's red, black, juicy and very deadly? Bet you don't know and, in fact, you'll be better off not knowing.

Society November 25, 2013

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