Any fan of Game of Thrones knows it is easy to get lost among all the characters, noble houses, plots twists and betrayals of the show as it shifts between story threads. Keeping track of where all these lords and ladies come from is even more of a challenge.

Thankfully, HBO is here to help. The network has created an exhaustive interactive map that includes all the major locations of Westeros and the lands beyond the sea, and when I say interactive, I mean it.

Every location can be clicked on for more information, which provides background knowledge about the iconic city, region or landmark while also providing links to other relevant details. Click on Casterly Rock, and everything you could ever want to know about the members of House Lannister is at your fingertips, ranging from detailed family trees to full bios on prominent Lannister character.

Locations that don't have much information provide scenic images from the show. If there was any question how in-depth this interactive site goes, it even includes an appendix. Yes, an appendix. Within is even more treasure troves of information, ranging from details about the various religions of Westeros to shining more light on events that happened prior to the show, like Robert's Rebellion.

Users can learn their way through Game of Thrones on a per-episode basis as well. Choose a season and an episode and you can see all the major characters and locations featured in any given show.

For fans that aren't caught up on season four of the show, don't worry. HBO is being sensitive about spoilers, making sure that each season four episode must be clicked in order to be revealed. That way you don't accidentally stumble upon what happens to you-know-who.

It's an impressive resource for newcomers and Game of Thrones veterans alike, and it is sure to be continually updated with more characters, locations and information as the show moves into its fifth season early next year.

With characters like Bran and Hodor not returning for season five (don't worry, they aren't dead,) HBO now has a chance to introduce some new faces without the hour-long show becoming too crowded. Game of Thrones season five will take viewers to the sandy land of Dorne for the first time, so reading up on House Martell and the capital city of Sunspear via HBO's map might not be a bad idea. Or you could always read the books.

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