DC Comics' Rebirth event is all about re-introducing familiar characters to new and old comic book lovers alike.

In Wonder Woman #1, DC features all of Diana's greatest hits, including one of her classic foes and some old friends that date back to the 1940s.

In Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, the Amazonian princess discovered that her lasso of truth no longer works as her mind struggles with two versions of her world: one that existed during her New 52 days, and one that existed before that. However, which is the correct version of events? In Wonder Woman #1 (the official start of the new series), Diana sets out to the deepest and darkest jungle to ask an old enemy for help in figuring out what's going on.

Diana is aware that her story keeps changing, and she wanders lost in search of her own personal truth. Meanwhile, her old allies Etta Candy and Steve Trevor are trying to take down a warlord nearby, soon discovering that Diana is there, too. Considering that it's been some time since Steve and Diana have seen each other, it's interesting to see how that reunion will go.

The writing by Greg Rucka teases that reunion, as Steve seems apprehensive about it. It doesn't happen in this issue, but readers already know that what happens next is a momentous occasion, thanks to the urgency of Rucka's well-written dialogue. The backstory of Steve and Etta working to take down a warlord puts them in line with the sense of justice readers expect of Wonder Woman, and it's likely that, once she realizes what's going on, she will join forces once more with her old friends.

However, it's who Wonder Woman goes to for help that's most compelling here, although it's also a familiar character to Diana's universe. It's a nice surprise for readers and ultimately feels right.

The artwork by Liam Sharp is also well done, with vibrant colors setting Wonder Woman's red, white and blue away from the deep greens of the dark jungle. Even at her weakest, Diana still looks strong, capable of taking down an army on her own. Her foray into the jungle descends into darker and harsher drawn lines as she fights her way to her destination. The cover, also by Sharp, is gorgeous.

Wonder Woman #1 is a good tease of things to come from this series, and the book ends with a nice cliffhanger that will have readers scrambling for the next issue in two weeks. It's not quite as good of a tease as Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1, but it's still definitely worth a read.

Wonder Woman #1 is available now everywhere comic books are sold.







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