Destiny's latest monthly update was met with a fair bit of controversy upon release. The game's June Update fixed a number of different issues, but the core focus of the patch was to address one of Destiny's most popular classes: the Hunter.

Ever since The Taken King launched last year, fans have been complaining that Hunters are the strongest class in the game — and after months of testing, Bungie finally nerfed the class.

Unfortunately, it seems like the June Update came with a few unexpected side effects: one of the patch's main features has been causing quite a bit of trouble for players trying to group up with one another. Glitches are obnoxious on their own, but the June Update's issues were so bad that one of Destiny's timed events was postponed before its scheduled launch ahead of this weekend.

Don't worry: Bungie has just released a Hot Fix that should take care of the issues. The update (these numbers are getting ridiculous) is now live — though it looks as if one of Destiny's popular limited-time multiplayer events may have been shuffled around in the process.

Let's start from the beginning: as part of the June Update, Bungie introduced a new feature called "Players in Activities." The system was supposed to allow players to easily group up with one another — and while the feature worked for some people, those with larger friends lists were reporting performance issues. As such, Bungie has capped the display list at 10 players.

It looks like the patch came just in the nick of time: the Trials of Osiris, a special multiplayer event that relies heavily on friends and communication, was put on hold after the issues with Players In Activities came to light. In the Hot Fix blog post published yesterday, Bungie stated that:

"Trials of Osiris may return tomorrow [June 24th]. Once we've had a chance to confirm that all is well, we'll sound the alarm that all champions of the Crucible should don their sunscreen and prepare for a trip to the Lighthouse. Stand by for more information on your fate."

Thankfully, Bungie confirmed earlier today that the Trials are indeed back — though there's still no solid launch date for the return of the Iron Banner. The Hot Fix update does mention the possibility of the Iron Banner making a comeback next week, but Bungie has yet to make any sort of official announcement. 

Fans who aren't partaking in the game's specialized multiplayer modes shouldn't have anything to worry about, as Bungie made no mention of Raid or PvE issues — but for anyone who's been waiting for another shot at the Iron Banner, it looks like you might have to wait a bit longer.

We'll update this story as more information becomes available — for more on Destiny's June Update and the most recent patch, head on over to Bungie's official blog.

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