'The Witcher 3' Has An Easter Egg That's So Well-Hidden, It Requires A Mod To Find


CD Projekt Red's The Witcher 3 is well-known among its fans for the assortment of Easter eggs hidden throughout the world that are just waiting for Geralt to happen upon.

Such Easter eggs included a reference to Portal and the infamous "the cake is a lie" meme, the killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and most recently, one featuring Dark Souls 3 and the bonfires seen throughout out the entire series.

Now, another Easter egg has been discovered, and while it might not yield a fancy new item such as the sword from the Dark Souls Easter egg, or offer the heart-dropping experience from the killer rabbit Easter egg, this one still manages to set itself apart in a big way. Why? Because it's so well-hidden that a player could never find it unless he or she used a mod.

Well, that's what YouTuber pippo311lp did, and the results speak for themselves.

According to pippo311lp, he was toying around with a free-cam mod for The Witcher 3, when the YouTuber noticed something that resembled a plain on a mountain in the far-off distance. Curiosity peaked, pippo311lp "teleported" there and found what appears to be a group photo of the CD Projekt Red team on top of the mountaintop where no normal soul could ever dream of reaching.

Considering that Blood and Wine is technically our farewell with Geralt of Rivera, it's kind of cool to see the people who brought one of the most critically-acclaimed games of this generation into fruition. In many ways, this is like a farewell to them as well. However, in other ways, the Easter egg is weird since it brings Geralt face-to-face with the people that created him and the world he lives in.

No matter what your interpretation is, however, this Easter egg is certainly an oddity. To be certain, most Easter eggs are found through luck, but this one is unique, as there's no way to reach this location through normal methods. Yes, you can see the plains where the photo lies without a mod, but you can tell by the video that the area where the photo lies is impossible to reach without it.

Also, while on the subject of reaching it, anyone who wants to see this for themselves can do so by going here. Once downloaded, go to the appropriate spot and then press the key for a fast attack on a controller (square on a DualShock, X on an Xbox Controller).

Of course, since this requires a mod to reach, console players will just have to settle for the video instead.

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