There is a really good chance that consumers with a Windows Phone could finally start using Snapchat.

Consumers already know going into their purchase of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile smartphones that they will not be able to get access to many apps available for iOS and Android devices. However, it seems that, if these people are patient, eventually, they will see some of the more popular ones hit the platform.

This could very well be true for the Windows 10 Mobile release of Snapchat sometime in the near future.

A customer asked the Spanish Lumia Support Twitter account that is run by Microsoft when the popular messaging app will be available for users.

"It will arrive soon to your Windows Phone! We are already working with our friends at Snapchat, to bring it as soon as possible," Lumia Support responded.

This means the Snapchat app could be coming a lot sooner than expected. Then again, it has been more than a year since Snapchat first announced that it was in fact working on the official version of its app for users with Windows Phones.

Windows 10 Mobile users shouldn't be too excited since no release date has been announced just yet. Microsoft and Snapchat also haven't revealed related news anywhere else, so all customers can do is keep on waiting until they too can start sharing Snaps and following their friends and favorite celebrities. The tweet could turn up being nothing more than a generic "soon" with good faith.

Microsoft told MSPU that it has "nothing further to share" about the messaging app launching in the Windows Store, but did say that it continues to work with "industry leading partners to bring the best experiences to Windows for a brand set of categories."

Although an official Snapchat app isn't available for Microsoft's operating system, that doesn't mean that other Snapchat spin-off apps haven't surfaced in the past. Third-party apps like 6snap have been removed from the Windows Phone Store, and downloading these apps has resulted in users having their accounts suspended.

It would only make sense that Snapchat for Windows Phone would become available one day so that the company can tap into as many users as possible as it continues to grow — but it's not like it needs any help. Snapchat reportedly has about 150 million people using the app daily.

Source: Lumia Support | Twitter

Photo: Ryan Nagelmann | Flickr

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