Understanding fans have been wondering about it each day and losing sleep over it too, but Mojang has finally revealed the release date for Minecraft the movie. And it's not coming next year, or the one after that.

Back in February of 2014, Warner Bros. secured the rights to make the Minecraft movie. So fans of the game have had to wait more than two years just to get release date for the movie, but Vu Bui, Mojang COO and a producer for Minecraft the movie, brought that wait to an end yesterday.

"I know you've been thinking just about every day, 'When's the Minecraft movie coming out?'" said Bui. "Luckily for you, we can finally say!"

Minecraft the movie will premiere on May 24, 2019, and Bui also announced the date on Twitter.

The film will be released in IMAX and 3D formats, Bui stated.

While some people may think three years is a long ways away, Bui asserted that it's just the right amount of time required to make the movie "completely awesome."

"And we all want an awesome Minecraft movie, right?" Bui said. "That's it for now, but as time goes on we'll share loads more. Loads!"

Beyond that, Bui didn't release any details about the movie itself. He previously offered a teaser about the movie's story in stating that it'll be a tale told inside of the world of Minecraft, instead of it being the story of Minecraft.

"We don't want any story that we make, whether it's a movie or a book, to create some sort of 'this is the official Minecraft, this is how you play the game' thing. That would discourage all the players who don't play in that way," Bui told The Guardian back in October of 2014.

As far as the person at the helm of this thing, Rob McElhenney, best known as "Mac" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, was given that distinction. After being announced as the movie's director during Minecon, McElhenney tweeted to Mojang expressing his desires to "make strange and wonderful" together.

For those who want something Minecraft related to do while they wait on Minecraft: The Movie, well Telltale Games' point-and-click adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode. And there are still two more bonus episodes that are yet to be released.

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