Starbucks is on a roll with its list of new "secret" menu beverages available this summer. The trend started back with the infamous Pink Drink that made a splash on Instagram, followed by its sister, the Purple Drink, which momentarily stole the spotlight.

And now not just one, but three more similar beverage options have popped up on social media to now complete the rainbow.

According to the amount of Instagram love it's getting, Orange is now the new Pink. The latest Starbucks menu craze is appropriately the Orange Drink, which will be every creamsicle fan's dream.

But before the Orange Drink could really take off full force, two other new beverages, the Blue Drink and Green Drink, have also made their debut with both appearing as equally refreshing.

While they look like they are the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day, customers will first need to know the ingredients to see if these beverages will fancy as much for their taste buds as they do with their eyes.

Here's what's really in the new Orange, Blue and Green Drinks that make up Starbucks' Rainbow Secret Menu and how to order them.

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Here's What Is In The Orange Drink

The first thing to know about the Orange Drink is that it is named both for its color and its flavor. However, some photos of the iced beverage make it look more yellow than orange. Keep in mind that this has to do with which Instagram filters are used and how the barista makes it — while it has the same ingredients, no drink is ever exactly alike. The consumer can expect this rainbow option to taste like orange, but may be surprised to find that mango is also incorporated into this one. The Orange Drink consists of orange mango juice, two scoops of powdered vanilla bean flavoring and coconut milk. The drink is poured over ice and the barista may even garnish with some orange wedges if available. This member of the rainbow squad will taste like a tropical island sunset thanks to the citrus and coconut flavors, with the mango giving off those summer vibes.

How To Order The Orange Drink

Since the Orange Drink might not be as popular as the Pink Drink, it's safe to order this beverage by saying both its name and the exact ingredients. The Orange Drink can also be made with vanilla syrup instead of the powdered vanilla bean flavoring, and the coconut milk can be swapped for soy milk.

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The Blue Drink

This secret menu option is not the same as the Blue Raspberry Cooler. Instead, think of it as a variation of the Purple Drink, which has blackberries as its go-to fruit. Consumers might assume that the Blue Drink features blueberries, but how it gets its specific sky color is not exactly known just yet.

The Blue Drink is made up of Passion Iced Tea, vanilla syrup and coconut milk. The thing is that Passion Iced Tea has a pink color, so some other mysterious ingredient has to be added in order to turn it blue. It could also just be the Instagram filters changing its color, especially since it's almost the same as the Purple Drink recipe (Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea with soy milk, vanilla syrup and blackberries.) Then again, Passion Iced is different from Passion Tango, giving it instead a hint of lemongrass and citrus flavors with hibiscus.

How To Order The Blue Drink

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The best option for ordering the Blue Drink is to first see if the barista is familiar with the rainbow beverage menu and then name the known ingredients listed above. Ask to add whatever ingredient makes it blue such as the syrup used in the Blue Raspberry Cooler. As always, customers can opt for soy milk instead of coconut milk.

The Green Drink

Don't get this hue of the rainbow drink mixed up with another green colored menu item, the Cool Lime Fresher (fruit juice, mint, lime and Green Coffee Extract over ice). Following in the footsteps of the other secret summer drinks with its own unique spin, the Green Drink consists of Black Tea with matcha and coconut milk. The matcha is what gives it its signature green color, although it does sound like it's missing some sweetness. If that's the case, order it with strawberries.

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How To Order The Green Drink

The Green Drink is simple to order because it only has three ingredients. Make sure it's served over ice and to add any fruits if need be.

At least now there are enough options to go around so that everyone can taste the rainbow — even if it's just to show off how trendy you are on Instagram. According to AdWeek, the rainbow drinks have gained 1.3 million likes on Instagram, with 1.1 million of them coming alone from the Pink Drink, the new take on the Strawberry Acai Refresher.

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