YouTube Mac ‘N Cheese Viral Video Bro Luke Gatti Strikes Again, Flees Rehab, Assaults Cop (Video)


Luke Gatti — the former University of Connecticut student who became famous on YouTube when his mac 'n cheese demanding rant went viral — has found himself in the midst of controversy again.

This time, Gatti fled a rehab center he was attending and assaulted a female police officer.

Gatti previously posted an apology for his meltdown after it was viewed by millions clued into his viral tantrum.

Gatti was nicknamed "Mac and Cheese Bro" this past fall when he got physical with the school's cafeteria manager after the student was refused his favorite craving: mac 'n cheese with bacon and jalapeños. Aside from being intoxicated, he also carried an open container of alcohol into the food court despite being underage.

When the manager refused him service and asked him to leave, instead of retreating, Gatti went on a lengthy tirade alternately begging for his mac 'n cheese and berating the manager, until he eventually got physical with him and had to be tackled to the ground by another food court worker. The cops soon came and arrested Gatti, and the entire incident was posted on YouTube.

In addition to the video's millions of views, Jimmy Kimmel and guest Justin Theroux even did a parody of the clip on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sarcastically suggesting a major motion picture was in the works about the scene.

Gatti, who was subsequently expelled from UConn, was sentenced to a year of probation along with community service and court ordered rehab. That's where the trouble began again, as Gatti, exhibiting symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal, broke out of the Florida rehab center he was attending last month, only to return hours later screaming at a staff to return his belongings.

When cops tried to subdue him, Gatti put up a fight, pulling the door of the rehab center off its hinges and sending him and a police officer to the ground, where they continued to wrestle until he was threatened with a taser.

His behavior caused him to get thrown in jail where he remained for four days and was charged with resisting arrest and battery of a law enforcement officer. He is now due back in court in July in Florida. You can watch the viral YouTube incident from last year in the clip below.

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