There is a new wearable that is bringing new meaning to having a personal trainer at users' fingertips.

If a consumer is into health and fitness, then there is a really good chance they own a wrist-worn wearable of some sort. However, not everyone chooses to wear their device all day, especially when at work or on a date — no matter how fashionable. That means that the user can't get a really clear overview of their daily health metrics in order to improve or reach their goals. Plus, there are so many options out there, it may be hard to tell which is the best and what really sets them all apart.

Forget the watch-like wearables that all feel like slightly different versions of each other and go for this new health tracker that is worn like a ring.

BioRing is not only a more comfortable solution as far as wearables go, but it also has impressive tracking capabilities that make it even more attractive to consumers.

"Having a small ring around your finger gives you more flexibility in your daily life," Michael Johnson, co-founder of BioRing, told Tech Times. "Many wrist-worn wearables are big and feel unnatural to wear. Our vision was to create something that works with any outfit and in any situation."

The device is equipped with three sensors that enable BioRing to measure more than just the standard calories and steps taken — although it does measure distance and steps with its 3-axis accelerometer.

BioRing also has a bioimpedance sensor that is able to give insights into nutrition such as calorie, carb, fat and protein intake. The sensor does so by measuring the changes of fluid levels in the user's cells, which happens when carbs are broken down into glucose.

This data is then sent to the wearable's app, where the Sweden-based company has developed an algorithm to calculate caloric intake as well as a macro-nutrients breakdown. Since everyone's body is different, BioRing will learn each specific user's metabolic rhythm in just one week to give accurate data to that user and personalized health plans.

"Other fitness trackers only measure your calorie burn. BioRing measures both your calorie burn and your calorie intake automatically, giving you your calorie balance. If you are eating more calories that you are burning, you are gaining weight," Johnson said. "Our app is very user-friendly and works as your personal coach and helps you reach your weight goals unlike any other device."

The wearable also features an optical HR sensor to be able to measure heart rate, heart health and activity intensity. Other data measured includes sleep level, water level and stress level.

This makes BioRing a viable option for those who are looking to shed a few pounds, maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve their sleep patterns and stay hydrated. BioRing will alert the user to drink more water and tell them when they should relax to reduce their stress. Users will know the best time for them to wake up in the morning based on their sleep cycle and be nudged to get up and start moving.

The device has a vibration motor for alerts, is waterproof and syncs to its smartphone app via Bluetooth Smart, where all data is encrypted for users' privacy. It features a lithium polymer 35 mAh battery, with battery life lasting up to seven days on a single charge and needs only one hour of charging to get to 80 percent battery using the wireless charging station.

The ring is scratch-proof, made of ceramic zirconium, and it feels natural to wear since it contains no metals and comes in black and white color options.

"The trend is that people are demanding wearables that look good and work in their day to day lives," Johnson said.

BioRing is currently available via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Backers can get the wearable, charging station, a start guide and a one-year warranty for the early bird price of $199 or two for $249, with estimated shipping for this November.

BioRing has already reached its $50,000 goal, raising more than $77,000 with a month still to go.

Source: Indiegogo

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