The Microsoft company is upping their strategy in the game industry by launching its newest Xbox Play Anywhere feature this coming Sept. 13.

This new feature will enable gamers on the PC and console platform, Windows 10 and Xbox One, respectively, to play interchangeably between the two with just one digital copy of a game. Just imagine the possibilities of this new tech as it bridges the wide gap between these previously separated platforms.

Want to play a visually enhanced and modded game according to your liking? Switch to a Windows 10 PC.

Miss the feel of a precise controller via a dedicated console and a vanilla base game? Switch to the Xbox One.

Microsoft surely is leading the others in the cases of innovative technology and the approach to how games will be handled in the future. Actually, that future is coming this September. It's going to be a cheap future as well since Play Anywhere-enabled digital games will be sold at no additional charge. The first of these games, Killer Instinct, has been released just recently.

Players don't even have to worry about transferring their files from one port to the other, as the Microsoft systems will take care of this efficiently. Game saves, as well as achievements and Gamerscore, will be synced automatically between the two systems. This allows gamers to only worry about where they are going to play, depending on the machine capabilities needed for the next level of the game they are currently conquering.

Xbox Play Anywhere is also a smarter move for the Microsoft company to bring more customers onto its Windows 10 platform rather than forcibly making them upgrade their systems or even doing it without the user's consent.

Those who wish to enjoy the flexibilities of this new feature need to first have the OS installed on their PCs and then upgrade to the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Edition update landing on Aug. 2. Along with the Xbox Play Anywhere feature enabled on the Windows 10 OS will be improved security, advanced inking, and extended Cortana capabilities, among others. The Xbox One will also have its own required summer update, which should be coming shortly.

"I always hesitate to be drawn into discussions of someone else's strategy ... It remains to be seen whether there is latent large consumer demand for that," comments Andrew House, president of the PlayStation network.

Those who wish to know what new games have the feature enabled can check out the Xbox Play Anywhere web page while its announcement trailer can be viewed below:

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