Batman vs. Joker Showdown At Gotham Theater Recreated In LEGO


LEGO builders continue to prove just how creative and talented they really are.

Paul Hetherington is no exception to that group. He recently decided to reconstruct a scene taken from the cover of a vintage 1950s Batman comic book cover that features the Joker going up against the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, at the Gotham Theater.

The result of that build is an impressive moving diorama featuring the Joker on his trolley with his gigantic cannon aimed at Gotham Theater, crazy police officers who are obviously under the Joker's insane control, a gorgeous art deco theater and Batman and Robin swooping in on the Batcopter to save the day.

"Once again that Mad Harlequin of Hate, the Joker, brings menace to the citizens of Gotham," reads the description beneath the video of the LEGO build. "Beware as the Streetcar named Destruction advances into Gotham, and the Joker's henchmen unleash horrible Joker Gas! Listen to the eerie dreadful laughing — has the Joker taken control of everyone?!? Wait — look above — that symbol of justice descending from the sky — the Batcopter! Piloted by the plucky Robin, the Boy Wonder and the courageous Batman! Are the tornado team of crime crushers in time to oppose the Grim Jester in the gripping tale of — Gotham Theater Showdown!!"

Here's the video showing off the stunning details of this gorgeous creation:

The Batman logo above the build adds to the vintage comic book look and feel of the entire construction, but perhaps it's the details of the beautiful theater that stand out the most.

"I absolutely love Art Deco style buildings so building this was an excuse to indulge myself and create my own Art Deco Theater," Hetherington wrote on his Flickr page. "It was loosely inspired by the Marbro Theater (1927) that used to stand in Chicago. American Picture Palaces by David Naylor was an incredible source of inspiration and information on this disappearing style of architecture."

Hetherington also gives credit to two other LEGO builders. One of those builders is Katie Walker, who originally came up with the design for the mosaic sidewalk. The other is EROL, who "makes fantastic LEGO cars" — Hetherington used EROL's Checker New York Taxi Cab design for the 1950s police cars in the build.

More details from the "LEGO Batman vs. Joker in Gotham Theater Showdown" build are available on Hetherington's Flickr account, along with some other images of his previous creations, including an incredible depiction of Mouse Guard.

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