"OK Google, I need the best recipe for my turkey this Thanksgiving." Saying that sentence aloud may be all what it takes to look for the best recipes available to reinvent the unfortunate bird this Thursday, at least for users of the "Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta)" extension for Chrome. That's right. Google has rolled out the Chrome extension that allows users to search just using voice.

The voice search feature will always be on and users just need to say the phrase "OK Google" to begin a search. The extension is now available for download on the Chrome Web Store.

"Now you can talk to Google when you're using Chrome. Hands-free. No typing. Simply say "Ok Google" and then ask your question. Note: this extension sends your question to Google only when it hears the phrase 'Ok Google,'" explained the overview section of the download page of the said Chrome extension.

The voice interface will be familiar to owners of Android devices and users of Google Now. The same touch-free voice command system is set up for the Nexus 5, which requires users to at least be on the home screen before listening for their voices.

For Chrome users, the tab must be on Google.com for the hot word to be active. The search engine will indicate that it is listening by displaying a bold microphone icon next to the search bar.

Aside from searching for Turkey recipes for Thanksgiving or other items of interest, the Chrome extension can also help users convert measurements, run a timer, or even set reminders.

While the Chrome users will be echoing and buzzing with "OK Google" for the days that lie ahead, voice recognition still has a long way to go to satisfy majority of the public. Slow speakers might also find the tool frustrating as it begins search after a few seconds and tends to cut off the user. So, hopefully "OK Google" will not be overpowered by "[enter your favorite expletive] Google" because of frustrated users.

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