Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Starbucks Job Just Yet: October Pay Raise And Other Perks


Looking for a new job that is worth keeping after the summer? Well, it's a really good time to start working at Starbucks. That's because the company announced on Monday its plans to raise this fall the base pay for employees.

This also means if workers were thinking about moving on to greener pastures after having their hours cut as of late, they might want to stick around a bit longer.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced the pay raise via a letter to employees, along with a few other perks in an attempt to boost morale.

The Seattle-based coffee chain will increase the pay of all workers and managers throughout all its stores in the U.S., which has about 150,000 workers in its 7,600 locations starting on Oct. 3. The raise will be 5 to 15 percent depending on the location and other market factors.

The news about the pay raise comes after an online petition began circling and which was started by an employee who claimed morale has decreased since the company continues to significantly cut back hours. The employee revealed how hard it is to make ends meet and gain tips since the launch of the Starbucks app.

Schultz also took the time to address the scheduling concerns many employees might have. While a raise is great, it means nothing if they continue to get no hours.

"Please know that you have my personal commitment that we will work with every partner to ensure you have the hours you need," Schultz wrote.

Along with raising employees' pay, Starbucks will also double the stock award as part of its Bean Stock program for employees who have worked with the company for at least two years.

The new pay raise and boost in stock join other existing benefits like health insurance for those who work at least 20 hours a week and college tuition reimbursement. Schultz also revealed that employees will be able to shop, compare and select their health coverage more easily with new interactive tools on the associated website starting on July 18.

The company estimates that workers can save up to $800 annually after switching to a plan that better suits their needs, with those with family plans being able to save up to $2,600 annually.

Many employees will also be pleased to know the chain will be more relaxed about their appearance.

"We have long prided ourselves on welcoming and respecting diversity, and we've heard your requests for more freedom when it comes to bringing your 'whole self' to work," Schultz said. "Our latest dress code changes are designed to work well with the green apron while expanding your options, providing more room for self-expression, and allowing you to choose from items that may already be part of your everyday wardrobe."

What these changes are have yet to be revealed, but they may even include having pastel-colored hair if employees are lucky. Last year, a petition gained almost 13,000 signatures regarding the company's strict rules that don't allow workers to be their "true self."

But don't get your hopes up just yet since as of now, it is in Starbucks' dress code that employees cannot have "bright or unnatural" colored hair. It's more likely that the company will instead take baby steps and maybe allow employees to wear perfume, blue jeans or watches — all of which are banned.

The changes to the dress code will be revealed at the end of the month and will follow other changes like being able to have tattoos and nose piercing as well as to wear black jeans.

The pay raise comes after Starbucks announced it will raise prices on select beverages on July 12 after prematurely doing so and overcharging customers up to 30 cents per drink.

Source: Starbucks 

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