You Can Now Download Movies And TV Shows To An SD Card Through The Amazon Video App For Offline Watching


Amazon has released a small but important update for its Amazon Video app for Android devices, which will now allow users to choose the location for storing downloaded files.

The update may not sound like much, but for Amazon Video users, it will provide them with more capabilities and offline watching.

Amazon Video allows users to download movies and TV shows to watch them even while offline, which is a feature not found in most other streaming video apps such as Netflix. However, the app will only save the videos into the internal storage of the mobile device, which severely limits the number of TV show episodes and feature-length films that can be present in a smartphone or tablet at a time.

The update that Amazon released for Amazon Video, specifically version, contains the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, along with the new option to download movies and TV shows to the SD card of a mobile device to be able to watch the videos while offline.

With the update, users of the Amazon Video app will be able to download as many videos as their SD card would allow. This would be very useful to binge watch episodes of TV shows or several movies during long idle times, such as when traveling long distances or when having to wait for hours.

The feature, however, has only been made available to users of the Amazon Video app in certain locations, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and Austria.

Users will be able to download videos to the SD cards of their mobile devices whether they are subscribers to Amazon Prime or not. Amazon Video can be accessed by both Prime and non-Prime customers as an app where TV show episodes and movies can be purchased or rented. Nothing else is needed aside from an account on the massive online retailer.

With the recently concluded Amazon Prime Day, however, it is most likely that there was a significant increase in the number of Prime members. These users would also be able to utilize the new Android Video feature for downloading to an SD card for Prime-exclusive videos.

Amazon Prime Video has also recently been tapped as the exclusive streaming location for many popular Warner Bros. movies, including Space Jam, Twister and The Wedding Singer, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Matrix, Final Destination, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me and Training Day, among many others, to also be made available soon.

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