New 'Suicide Squad' Clip Focuses On Deadshot


In a new Suicide Squad clip from Warner Bros., it's all about Deadshot.

The character, also known as Floyd Lawton, originates in DC Comics, mostly as a villain in the Batman universe, although he also appeared as a character on the Arrow television series on The CW. Deadshot is mostly known as a paid assassin who uses two silence-mounted guns strapped to his wrists. After facing Batman, though, he eventually ended up in jail.

In the Suicide Squad comic books, though, Lawton gets released from prison to join an elite team of villains meant to take on dangerous missions that the group may or may not come back from alive. This is why the team earns the name "Suicide Squad," because it takes on situations that superheroes can't — or won't — touch.

In the comic books, Deadshot's main goal is to die in an extraordinary fashion. That seems to carry over into the movie as well, judging from this new video.

Check out this first really good look at Deadshot in the Suicide Squad movie, as portrayed by Will Smith:

"An assassin-for-hire by day, a concerned dad by night, Deadshot is one conflicted baddie who enjoys the hunt but is still trying to do right by his young daughter," reads Deadshot's official bio, according to Entertainment Weekly.

There's a lot riding on the success of Suicide Squad, thanks to the poor critical and box office reception of the previous DC-related movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So far, though, early impressions of the Suicide Squad movie seem positive.

Reports suggest that the production did schedule some massive reshoots to inject more humor into the movie, again thanks to the disaster that Batman v Superman turned into. One of the key criticisms of Batman v Superman and Man of Steel is that they were both so dark, and with Suicide Squad being about some of the most iconic (and often funny) villains in Batman lore, rumors suggested that Warner Bros. wanted to make sure Suicide Squad was much lighter fare.

Suicide Squad director David Ayer confirmed that there were reshoots, but denied that they had anything to do with getting more humor into the movie. Instead, he stated that the studio loved the movie so much that it wanted additional scenes for the final cut.

One thing is for certain: fans and critics will know how good (or bad) Suicide Squad is when it lands in theaters on Aug. 5.

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