We just got the first shot of Will Smith as Deadshot, and we have to say he looks the part. In the image, he's more Floyd Lawton than Deadshot, as he is seen with his daughter doing family things.

In the leaked images on set, Will Smith is dressed in a red and black suit that makes him look wholly dapper. To tap it off, he has on a hat and shoes with gold buckles. This suggests to us that Floyd Lawton might have already been an assassin at this time because his clothes are too expensive for an average family man.

Another image shows Will Smith with a bald head in the late hours of the night filming his scenes.

Many fans are up in arms on why Deadshot doesn't have only a single eye. We have to wonder if these folks are fans since Deadshot is not a man with a single eye. They must have mistaken the character for Deathstroke.

We suspect that this scene with his daughter might not end well. Chances are, this could be the last time Lawton has seen his daughter before being carried away to face Amanda Waller.

What's even more interesting is the fact that Ben Affleck in the Batman costume was caught on the set. We know that Bruce Wayne will play a role in the film, but we can't say for sure how much screen time he'll get or whether or not his role will be a cameo or something tangible to the overall plot.

From what we have seen from the set footage so far, we can say that Suicide Squad is looking quite fine. We now just need to see the other characters in costume, and a lot more of the Joker because that image reveal doesn't bode competently for the character at all.

Hopefully, David Ayer is playing games with fans, because we doubt anyone is ready to accept an emo Joker at this point, if ever in the next decade or more.

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Photo: Tais Mello | Flickr

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