It's been a long time since Destiny players have had anything to be excited about, but that's finally starting to change.

Rise of Iron marks the fourth downloadable content pack for Bungie's RPG-shooter hybrid, and also serves as the last expansion before the game's full sequel launches sometime next year. Considering that it's been almost a year since Destiny's last full-sized update, it's easy to see why fans are so anxious to see more of the Rise of Iron DLC pack.

Thankfully, a proper reveal isn't all that far off: Bungie is set to showcase the Rise of Iron expansion during a live stream on July 20. Not much is known about the specifics of the reveal, but fans are expecting to see more of the expansion's Social Spaces, missions, NPCs and gear — all in all, it's looking to be a pretty standard Destiny live stream.

That doesn't mean Bungie isn't doing its best to get gamers excited: last week, the developers revealed a new, Rise of Iron-exclusive armor set for the Hunter class. Simply put, the armor looked fantastic — and now, it's time for the Warlocks to catch a glimpse of their new threads.

If the new Hunter gear was all about looking sleek, then the new set of Warlock armor is all about looking regal. Between the crown-like helmet and fur-lined chest-piece, the new set is truly fit for an Iron Lord.

It's not much, but bits of new info like this are usually enough to get the Destiny crowd excited — plus, teases like this are something that the Destiny community desperately needs. Bungie has been criticized for essentially ditching the game once the larger updates finished trickling out, and for the past several months, players have had nothing new to play through. It certainly doesn't help that the last-gen versions of the game are essentially dead, as Bungie confirmed that it would no longer receive content updates for the Rise of Iron expansion.

Many players have since moved on from the game, though it looks like Rise of Iron might be enough to pull the community back together. There's likely more than a year left in Destiny 2's development cycle — if Bungie doesn't have a plan to keep players engaged, the studio risks losing their player base altogether.

At least it won't be too much longer before fans can finally see what Rise of Iron is all about: the expansion's live reveal is set to begin at 1 p.m. EST.

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