This Twitch Streamer Was Beamed Up Live On Air, 'Star Trek' Style


It seems there is always some kind of Twitch streaming controversy going on. Most recently, a popular Counter-Strike: GO gambling streamer got the ban hammer amid an ongoing controversy revolving around video game gambling sites like CS:GO Lotto. 

That being said, there's never been a Twitch controversy quite like this. Streamer Onscreenlol, who has more than 200,000 followers on his channel, recently disappeared in a ray of light clearly taken from Star Trek during a live broadcast.

One second, he was there, the next, he wasn't. He was in the middle of conducting a Counter-Strike: GO weapon skin giveaway, talking like usual with viewers in the chat room, and then, he suddenly vanishes without a trace. Golden lights appear around him, and the familiar Star Trek transporter sound plays. Then, he's gone.

Watching the moment the chat realizes he isn't coming back is priceless. Exclamations of "WTF!!!" and "WAT" suddenly fill the chat room. Some viewers joked that he had been banned from the streaming site, while others called for the streamer's cat to take the reigns.

So far, Onscreenlol hasn't returned, which makes the entire stunt even more amusing. Twitch is, at its core, about entertaining an audience, and pulling a surprise special effects prank like this is certainly one way to get people talking. You can watch the clip of his disappearance here.

Or perhaps, fans are looking at this all wrong. Maybe Onscreenlol really was abducted by aliens who used the familiar sounds of a popular television show to trick us into believing it was merely a joke. Perhaps the aliens were in need of Onscreenlol's Counter-Strike: GO skills? Perhaps they are fans of his? Maybe they just did it for fun? Or maybe it was Onscreenlol's cat all along, jealous of the streamers popularity and wanting revenge? Is it possible Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise are real and they came from the future to recruit Onscreenlol for their crew? 

Or maybe the answer is actually far more simple. Might Onscreenlol's stunt be a way to promote the soon-to-be-in-theaters Star Trek Beyond? A Star Trek comic and Pop figure can be seen in the background in the stream. When coupled with Onscreenlol clearly vanishing via Star Trek transporter, it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that Onscreenlol received money from Paramount Pictures to promote the film.

The real reason for Onscreenlol's disappearance remains unclear, but one thing is for certain: the truth is out there. 

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