Trust in Samsung to leave no opportunity to take digs at arch rival Apple. Reports about the aluminum frame of the iPhone 6 Plus bending have dogged Apple, but Samsung has cashed in on the chance to promote its non-bendable Galaxy Note 4 phablet by riding on the waves of the Apple controversy.

Apple has snubbed Bendgate allegations and has been putting it down as an "extremely rare" occurrence. It seems the bending of the iPhone 6 Plus happens when it is kept in the front pocket. However, Apple revealed last week it had received only nine complaints.

Apple's "Bendgate" scandal has likely propelled Samsung into action to show consumers that not all phablets are delicate and bendable. To prove this point, Samsung released the video "Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus" on Oct. 2. The clip shows the durability of the device as it undergoes stress tests.

Samsung reiterates that if one leaves things, like a wallet or credit card, long enough in their back pocket, the object may bend as our "hips are strong." However, the Galaxy Note 4 is also strong enough to withstand pressure. The South Korean company put the phablet under two stress tests.

In the three-point bend test, the Galaxy Note 4 is propped up on bars on each end and a metal rod applies pressure of 25kg in the center of the phablet, which Samsung reveals is sufficient to "break three pencils" in one go. Predictably, the Galaxy Note 4 emerges unharmed.

The second test -- the Human Weight Test -- shows the phablet being sat on repeatedly by a simulation of a 100Kg man. The demonstration repeated the feat "several hundred times" and, unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Note 4 was unscathed.

Samsung highlights the fact that what makes the Galaxy Note 4 durable is its metal frame and magnesium brackets, which are "mutually reinforcing structure between parts."

The Samsung advert ends with the pitch that the device may be big, light and slim, but it is still strong. Check out the video below.

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