Square Enix recently unveiled plans for its upcoming title, Cosmos Rings, targeting a new platform in the form of smartwatches.

To be specific, as its one and only web page reveals, the game will be available to all users on the iOS platform, or Apple Watch, with no other detail that would lead us to conclude that the game will be porting on Android smartwatches as well.

As a matter of fact, there's not much to be gleaned from the Cosmos Rings site save for a minimalistic and galaxy-inspired design that depicts a person wearing the watch with the game displayed on its small screen. The few text-based details written at the bottom announce that it's "coming soon" and will be available through the associated (Apple) App Store and Watch App Store, indicating that it will be an Apple Watch exclusive.

In addition, the game's genre is noteworthy, with Square Enix filing it under the role-playing game (RPG) category. As the company is well-known for its successful RPG titles such as the very popular Final Fantasy series, fan favorite Kingdom Hearts and critically acclaimed Life is Strange, it's of particular interest to know how the company will use its past experiences to release a title on such a small screen space — to give it that unique Square Enix touch.

Meanwhile, reports detail that Cosmos Rings is expected to make use of the Apple Watch's pedometer feature to presumably control in-game functions — a pedometer is what smartwatches use to track a person's steps and is mostly used in health and fitness apps.

Takehiro Ando is said to be in charge of producing the game and is most known for his creation of the Chaos Rings series on mobile devices. There have been four installments of this title (I, Omega, II and III) with only the last episode, Chaos Rings III, still available for download through app stores. The similarity in names of Ando's previous works and Square Enix's upcoming title has led most to assume that Cosmos Rings might sing the same tune found in Chaos Rings.

Reportedly working alongside Ando will be Yusuke Naora, who is spearheading the game's creative department and taking charge of its artwork. Naora's previous works include creative direction and contribution to past titles from the Final Fantasy series as well as the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

It remains to be seen how the two figures will be combining their experiences to produce the final look and feel of the game, but from what initial leaks have shown, it looks mesmerizing.

Cosmos Rings will purportedly be available by the end of summer.

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