Fantasy Flight Games is bringing the thrilling experience of DOOM, Bethesda's big hit, to the tabletop.

Called DOOM: The Board Game, the tabletop game is meant for two to five players and offers a redesigned experience of the tactical combat format DOOM fans have come to love. Players can assume the role of either one of the elite marines part of the United Aerospace Corporation or the demons threatening a takeover.

"Each side of DOOM's asymmetrical gameplay introduces an entirely unique way to play, whether you're struggling to save Mars from being overrun by Hell's most merciless demons or fighting to crush each marine and conquer the planet once and for all," said Fantasy Flight Games.

The board game provides two operations of six missions, each taking place on a unique map and presenting different threat levels and objectives. Generally, however, it's the marines' job to meet these objectives. As for the demons? They have one goal: kill the marine ... repeatedly.

One player will take on the role of the invader and be tasked with commanding Hell's legions in an effort to wipe out the marines. Demons can spawn from various portals around the map, and what is spawned and the way it is spawned will depend on the threat and invasion cards assigned to a mission. Threat cards identify at what point new demons may be introduced while invasion cards dictate which demon types a player can summon. Invasion cards are kept hidden from marines so the other side has no idea what they will be facing.

There will be deaths in DOOM: The Board Game and they are expected to be many. However, a death doesn't automatically mean failure in the game. Every marine will eventually die but each will have the ability to respawn a limited number of times to complete the mission. Only when the number of respawns has been exhausted - meaning the marine stays dead - can the demons claim victory.

DOOM: The Board Game is expected to hit retailers in the last quarter of 2016.

A new DOOM video game was released earlier in the year, reviving the series. It was warmly received by both critics and players alike, and is set to receive a multiplayer update that will add two new modes. However, there are concerns that the game's playerbase has been declining since it launched. If no one's playing DOOM, would a multiplayer update be of any use then?

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