Don't believe any politician when they allude to the fact that America isn't great. We have liberties and freedom — and now, even ATMs that dispense pizza.

No longer do always-hungry Americans have to settle for vending machines that offer small snacks like chips and cookies. Now, pizza lovers can finally eat their favorite food by using the first-ever Pizza ATM in the United States.

While New Yorkers previously got a taste of ATM food machines with the bakery Sprinkles' cupcake ATM, shockingly, the Pizza ATM is not located in the state that hands-down serves the best pizza.

Instead, the first Pizza ATM in America is located at Xavier University, which means many might now have a new reason as to why they should apply to the Cincinnati, Ohio school.

To bring the pizza-dispensing machine to its campus, Xavier partnered with the France-based company Paline, which is the maker of the best vending machine ever invented.

This is the first time the Pizza ATM has hit the U.S., but Paline's machines have been stationed in Europe for the past 14 years.

The Pizza ATM can hold up to 70 12-inch pizzas, has a temperature-controlled refrigeration system that allows it to stay fresh and a convection oven that allows the pies to be served nice and hot in just three minutes.

Customers can select what kind of pizza they want using the machine's touchscreen. The Pizza ATM then slides the option in the oven, cuts it into slices, places the pizza into a cardboard box and ejects the meal.

Each pizza retails for about $10, with the ATM accepting credit or debit cards, as well as a student card.

So, how does it taste? Not like any typical cafeteria slice. Former New Yorker Jennifer Paiotti, who is currently the marketing director of XU's auxiliary services, revealed in an interview that it is "the best pizza" she ever ate. That's a pretty bold statement from someone who has had New York's pizza.

Those who are lucky enough to be attending Xavier University this fall will be able to stick in some cash and get some pizza from the machine located in the lobby outside the dining hall in the residence hall Fenwick Place.

However, the Pizza ATM will be open starting on Aug. 10 for the public. Keep in mind that the building closes at 8 p.m., so the high-tech vending machine will then only be available for students and staff. That makes it a 24/7 food option for college students who need a late-night study break or who are just looking for some good munchies.

Source: WCPO

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