The Pokémon GO power player who caught all available Pokémon in the United States headed overseas to continue his adventure and caught all 145 Pokémon available worldwide.

For those unfamiliar with this story, New Yorker Nick Johnson became the first Pokémon GO master to catch 'em all, just two weeks into the game. Some Pokémon are region-specific, however, and although Johnson had caught all 142 Pokémon in the U.S., he was still missing three Pokémon that can't be found on U.S. ground.

Luckily for him, his achievement in the U.S. didn't go unnoticed, so Johnson got the chance to continue his quest overseas to catch the remaining Pokémon. Tech Times reported that thanks to Expedia and Marriott Rewards, Johnson was able to head to Paris, Hong Kong and Sydney to look for more pocket monsters.

While the original Pokémon had 151 total critters, six of those Pokémon are reportedly unavailable at the moment. That leaves 145 Pokémon to be caught worldwide in Pokémon GO, and Johnson managed to catch them all, even the rare ones found only on specific continents.

The Pokémon master managed to catch the elusive Mr. Mime in Europe, Farfetch'd in Asia, and completed his Pokedex with the addition of Kangaskhan, found in Australia. It was definitely not an easy task to track down and catch 145 tiny monsters, but ambition, commitment and hard work paid off for Johnson.

After proving to be such a dedicated Pokémon GO player, Johnson pointed out that traveling the world to catch all Pokémon should earn him a visit to Nintendo's headquarters in Japan.

Although Johnson caught each and every pocket monster in Pokémon GO, he says he doesn't plan to stop playing the game. It's still a fun and engaging experience, and the future addition of legendary Pokémon will make things even more exciting.

If anything, this should serve as incentive to all Pokémon GO power players that the Pokémon can be caught, even if it's harder to catch them after the recent update.

Pokémon GO is still improving and expanding its availability, most recently reaching 15 more countries in Asia and Oceania. The initial hype may have died down a bit, but the game is still riding the high tide and keeping millions of players engaged.

Have you caught the Pokémon GO fever yet? If so, how many have you managed to register to your Pokedex so far?

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