The iPhone 7 may be making the current headlines regarding Apple news, but there are already details of the 2017 iPhone cropping up. The talk in town now is that the Cupertino brand could be ditching the iconic home button in the next flagship.

Aligning with the development are the reports that the iteration will look like a "single sheet of glass" and sport an OLED display.

Interestingly enough, it will mark the device's 10th anniversary, and that's arguably the reason why speculations and info about it are already surfacing even though the iPhone 7 hasn't rolled out yet.

The news comes from none other than Bloomberg, and the bit about the removal of the home button was mentioned as part of the report regarding the upcoming iPhone getting the mobile tap-to-pay FeliCa support for transit payments in Japan.

More than that, another notable change expected to come to the Apple-branded smartphone is that there will be a premium option that has a curved display, just like Samsung's typical offerings. On top of that, the South Korean manufacturer is also said to be the supplier for the "edged" OLED screens.

On a related note, the iPhone 7 won't be getting rid of the home button, but it's expected to do away with something else that everybody is already accustomed to: the headphone jack. In its place will be a Lightning port instead, and it pretty much alienates users who have invested in audio equipment with a 3.5 mm plug.

In light of that update, Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak said that it's likely going to "tick off a lot of people." At the time, it was already pretty clear that many fans were unhappy about this "upgrade" of sorts.

Fortunately, not everything in store is negative, as the iPhone 7 is said to get a memory improvement to 3 GB worth of RAM and might be fitted with two rear cameras.

To boil things down, the upcoming iPhone models are straying off from the traditional designs so far. While it's already odd for the iPhone 7 to lose the headphone socket, the 2017 iPhone removing the familiar home button is an even stranger thing, but it does indicate how Apple wants to drastically redesign its smartphone lineup in the near future.

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