What's worse than having to return to school after the summer is realizing that your smartphone is running on low battery during your commute to college or during breaks between classes. Since everyone relies on tech to provide directions, look up class schedules and stay entertained during free time, going all day without your smartphone seems like a really dumb idea.

Now, consumers can charge their smartphones and other electronic devices while they're out and about, thanks to this smart backpack.

Developed by Illinois-based company D'code, Energy Sac is the smart backpack that both stores and then quickly charges gadgets thanks to its solar panel.

Converting solar energy into clean and reliable energy, the company's Next Generation solar panel has a total output of 12 watts 2.1 Amp that allows the consumer to power up to two devices at a time using the external and internal USB ports.

The solar panel can easily be detached during a rainy day or when the user is not charging devices.

Also, this isn't the only smart feature the Energy Sac possesses. The smart backpack also integrates GPS technology so that the user can track where their bag is when using the accompanying app. This comes in handy not only for those who think they left their homework in their dorm room, but also for people looking to keep track of those who are hiking, cycling or running long-distance races.

This also makes Energy Sac a smart choice for athletes who want to avoid draining their smartphone battery when using fitness tracking apps or when listening to music or podcasts to help keep them going, or for busy professionals who constantly use laptops, tablets and their phones for work.

The Energy Sac features a jacquard nylon mesh that makes it lightweight and durable. The mesh is breathable in the back so that the user remains sweat-free. The material is also water-resistant to keep electronics safe and dry during bad weather. There are also reflective panels on the back to that light up in the dark for safety purposes.

The solar-powered backpack has three large main compartments for holding personal items, including space to store a laptop, pockets to store your smartphone, keys and water bottle, and hidden pockets like the credit card holder that is located on the straps of the bag.

D'code recently made the Energy Sac available for preorder via a Kickstarter campaign. It has already reached more than its $20,000 goal with over a week left to go.

Consumers who pledge $99 or more can get their hands on this smart, solar-powered backpack, which will retail for $229. The Energy Sac is expected to ship this November.

Source: Kickstarter

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