LG 'Aggressively Investing' In Smart Home, Seeing Robots As The Future Of Home Appliances


LG Electronics plans to make a series of serious investments in robots, as the company aims to tap into advancing artificial intelligence.

As LG acknowledges the potential of smart homes to drastically improve the lives of users, it strives to build sophisticated machines that can perform everyday human tasks.

In a recent statement, LG announced that its appliances division is pushing hard to make its way into the robotics industry. The OEM wants to craft products that play nice with home appliances, such as washers, air-conditioning units and refrigerators.

The leader of LG's appliances arm, Jo Seung-jin, offers more details.

"We will prepare for the future by aggressively investing in smart home, robots and key components," Seung-jin says.

He goes on to say that his company will enhance the capabilities of the home appliances division. LG recently rolled out a new InstaView smart fridge with an embedded 29-inch Windows 10 tablet.

Recent progress in the wireless communications and artificial intelligence fields make it easy to build sophisticated systems that are intertwined with each other and the internet, opening up the way for performing more complex tasks than ever before.

A number of electronics companies saw the potential of developing interconnected devices for the Internet of Things, and did not hesitate to jump in the bandwagon.

Companies are not the only ones that are recognizing the resource pool represented by robotics and AI-driven systems. Numerous developed countries are placing their bets on robotics in the hope that automated systems can assist in solving socioeconomic issues, such as an aging population or over-specialized workforce. One way in which robotics helps with these problems is by delivering machines that can replace humans as unskilled laborers, caretakers or cooks.

LG did not specify when or how its investment into robotics will pan out, but the company notes that it is looking into a number of options. Two areas in which LG seems mostly interested in are autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.

Albeit vague, the plans of electronics manufacturers to tap into robotics are in full swing. What seems certain is that LG and its rivals are approaching the field with a reality-focused intent rather than an experimental mindset.

What is more, LG's shift in strategy signals that the technology is zeroing in to reach mainstream appliances. Keep in mind that the transition from experimental to large-scale deployment of robotics can take years, so buckle up with a lot of patience.

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