Google Shop The Look Aims To Let You Buy Clothes Directly From Search Results


Google is launching Shop the Look, a new mobile advertising program that will enable users to search for various outfits and buy clothes straight from search results.

With Shop the Look, mobile users will be able to search for a specific outfit on Google and see photos and purchase links straight on the results page. This would simplify the process by allowing users to make the purchase without opening other links and going through more steps.

Shop the Look is just starting out, but Google already teamed up with sites such as and Polyvore, which are networks similar to Pinterest that aim to help fashion bloggers monetize their social media posts.

Through these partnerships for Shop the Look, Google will display images and affiliate links when users search for various outfits such as "office suit" or "summer dress."

According to Google, the vast majority of smartphone users are not entirely certain just what specific brand they'd like to buy when they're shopping, and nearly half of U.S. readers check out blogs to discover new trends and ideas. Google has been making efforts toward improving ad experiences to help users discover and explore various brands and products. For discovery, for instance, the company came up with Showcase Shopping ads and Shopping ads on image search.

After launching a Fashion Week experiment last week, which enabled users to search and shop for products straight from curated images on, the company is now rolling out this Shop the Look program, which will cover apparel and home décor.

The process will be pretty simple and straightforward. For instance, users searching for a specific type of outfit such as "summer dress" could see an image of a popular fashion blogger sporting a lovely summer dress, sandals and a hat. Users could shop for those exact items or other products that are visually similar straight from search results, simply by tapping and exploring the products shown as Shopping ads.

For now, the company is testing the Shop the Look experience on mobile devices in the United States, but will likely expand the service later on. Interested retailers who would like to showcase their products within the Shop the Look experience can create a Shopping campaign and join the party.

Shop the Look marks the latest milestone in Google's efforts to make its search engine more useful and powerful, and it will be interesting to see whether it turns out to be a popular tool.

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