Ever since the Nintendo NX was first announced early last year, the upcoming video game console has been shrouded in mystery. There have been rumors here and there regarding the console, but Nintendo has largely kept the official details of the Nintendo NX under wraps.

However, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, analysts believe that Nintendo will be releasing the details of the Nintendo NX in early October.

With the analysts claiming that the highly anticipated console will be unveiled in a few weeks, the hype surrounding the Nintendo NX will surely increase, amid the announcements of new consoles by its competitors Sony and Microsoft.

The timeline for the Nintendo NX reveal of early October is plausible, as Nintendo is planning to release the console into the market by March 2017. This would give the company enough time to further increase excitement for the device, and would follow through on Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime's statement that the company needs to communicate better on the Nintendo NX compared with previous consoles.

Fils-Aime previously said that Nintendo will need to do a better job in showing customers the uniqueness of the Nintendo NX and what it provides to the video game playing experience, which the company was not able to do for the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo Wii U struggled because Nintendo was not able to differentiate it from the Nintendo Wii, with customers looking at the Nintendo Wii U as an add-on to the Nintendo Wii instead of as a separate console.

Software planning was also pointed out as a problem for the Nintendo Wii U. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, will only be released for the console near the end of its life, and will be the only Zelda game for the console.

If Nintendo can learn from these mistakes, then the Nintendo NX will have a better chance at competing in the cutthroat video game industry against the soon to be released PlayStation 4 Pro of Sony and the Xbox Scorpio of Microsoft, which will be released next year.

It is believed that the Nintendo NX will be a hybrid console that can function as a portable gaming device with its own screen and controls. It can also function as a tabletop console by connecting it to a TV, with the controls able to be detached into controllers with motion control and multiple levels of vibration.

The Nintendo NX is also said to be shunning discs, and will instead use cartridges for physical copies of games.

None of these details have been confirmed by Nintendo, but they do paint a picture of a unique and interesting gaming console. Hopefully the Wall Street Journal report is true so that excited gamers can finally know what the Nintendo NX is really all about.

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