Flappy Bird was the talk of the gaming world for a few brief weeks back in 2014. Simple, addictive and brutally difficult, the game took the world by storm from out of nowhere.

While the game's popularity vanished almost as quickly as its rise to fame, there's no denying that it left its mark.

If you need evidence of that fact, look no further than all the Flappy Bird clones that still continue to pop up to this day, the most recent example being this Flappy Bird game type recreated in Halo 5 using the game's Forge creation tools by user UnknownEmerald.

The game type is pretty self-explanatory: players fly from left to right in the form of a custom-made Flappy Bird sprite, ascending and descending to avoid the green pillars. Touch a pillar, and the player is teleported back to the start of the course.

Just like regular Flappy Bird, it seems painfully simple but is actually deceptively difficult. Using the analog sticks on the Xbox controller doesn't do anything, as players are only allowed to ascend or descend using the controller bumpers. That makes the game type all about perfect timing, as even a slight delay one way or the other will result in failure. Two players can play at once and race to see who is the first to reach the end.

Fans have gotten used to seeing all kinds of crazy custom creations in Halo 5, but this Flappy Bird game type still impresses nonetheless. It was made by forging a Halo Wasp vehicle with that of the Flappy Bird sprite and uses a variation of the game's Stronghold game type to function. You can check out the game type in action via the video below from iKampfer.

It's a new age for Halo 5 Forge creations. Forge released for free on Windows 10 last week with a number of improvements, alongside a new update for Halo 5 on Xbox One. Despite being almost a year old, the game's community is still alive and well, in no small part thanks to all the crazy creations players come up with. Just the other day, a player recreated a boss battle from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Halo. The sky truly is the limit, and we can't wait to see what players come up with next.

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