Final Fantasy XV is nearing its launch, and lucky gamers from Japan are set to receive a special-edition console crafted with the legendary series in mind.

Sony recently announced a Final Fantasy XV-themed, slimmer PlayStation 4 console, which will be dubbed "Luna Edition." The elegantly designed console only has a small drawback: its polished surface makes it a real fingerprint magnet. The console should be released simultaneously with the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series, at the end of November 2016.

The announcement came from game director Hajime Tabata of Square Enix during a PlayStation press conference that preceded the start of the annual Tokyo Game Show.

Sony has more releases in store for the upcoming months. The company is expected to bring out two new colors for its PlayStation Vita, which will land in its home country on Dec. 1. The two extra options for the handheld console are Silver and Metallic Red.

The OEM prices its improved console, the PS4 Pro, at $399, with the hardware set for launch on Nov. 10. The retail price is below what both experts and gamers expected, which is a nice surprise. With such a competitive price, the PS 4 Pro should be a tough rival for the Xbox One S, which packs a lot of features similar to the PS4 Pro.

As far as we know, Japan is the only market that will receive the Final Fantasy XV-branded slimmer PlayStation 4. Gamers can expect to see the Luna Edition console in stores on Nov. 29, at a price point of 39,980 yen (about $400).

Nov. 29 is also the day when Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for global release.

Final Fantasy XV has a windy road ahead of it, as it faced multiple delays. In August, Tabata confirmed that the release of the title will be pushed back once more. Square Enix previously announced that Final Fantasy XV will come out on Sept. 30, but cancelled that date in favor of Nov. 29.

On the bright side, only two more months after 10 years of waiting is a small price to pay for the awesomeness that the game promises to deliver.

Square Enix explained that although it has completed the master version of the game, a number of rough edges still require attention. The company pointed out that it aims to offer the best standard of quality in the latest installment of Final Fantasy, and asked gamers to muster a little patience.

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