Epson FastPhoto Launches As World's Fastest Photo Scanner: One Photo Per Second And Cool Tricks To Boot [Video]


Epson has a new high-speed scanning system in store, and it's so fast — it can scan one photo per second, in addition to other useful features.

For those who are already taking only digital photos, be it on a high-end digital camera or the trustworthy smartphone that's always at hand, the Epson FastFoto FF-640 may not present much interest — perhaps a cheap Epson printer would be more suitable. If you have yet to move entirely to the digital age, however, this cool new scanning system can become your new best friend.

The Epson FastFoto FF-640 targets those who are still working with traditional photographs and has quite a few tricks up its sleeve to improve and facilitate the whole process.

In addition to scanning one photo per second, this high-speed scanning system can reduce red-eye and restore photos to their original color, and it also offers some neat auto-enhancing features. The gadget also scans both the front and back of a photo in no time.

Moreover, because we're in the digital age after all, the new Epson scanner makes it easy to share content on social networks or in the cloud. Epson says that its new FastFoto FF-640 is the world's fastest photo scanner.

That one-photo-per-second scan is at 300 dpi, but you can also opt for higher quality scans at 600 dpi. The FastFoto FF-640 aims to serve as a more convenient alternative to flatbed scanners or various third-party services.

The scanner can also save each scan directly to a dedicated hard drive and it also makes it easy to organize your images into collections with searchable metadata, capture data and titles.

While traditional photos have their special charm, they're also more vulnerable as they can be easily lost in fires, floods and other scenarios. Scanning them helps users ensure they preserve their precious memories unharmed, safely stored on a hard drive or in the cloud and easily accessible at any given time.

"Preserve what's priceless. Quickly scan your photo collection in a whole new way with the innovative FastFoto FF-640 — the World's Fastest Photo Scanner. Protect your photos and save time and money by doing it yourself. With the FF-640, you can scan thousands of photos — as fast as one photo per second at 300 dpi," adds Epson. "Single-step Technology automatically scans both the image and handwritten notes on the back. Restore faded photos, and upload high-quality images to the cloud. Seamlessly digitize life's special memories. The FF-640 was designed to accommodate fragile photos or even large panoramic photos."

The Epson FastFoto comes at a $649.99 price point and it's already available for purchase at various retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, Micro Center Computer & Electronics, as well as Epson itself. The high-speed scanning system is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS.

To get a better idea of what the new Epson FastFoto FF-640 has to offer, check out the video below.

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