This device will be your cup of tea if you, well, respect a nicely brewed cup of tea.

The problem tea lovers usually have when brewing their own at home is finding the right balance between getting the dosage of loose leaves correct while finding the exact brewing time needed. With there being more than 1,500 varieties of tea, each having its own specific prep time, brewing temperature and water to tea ratio, the simple process of making a cup can be hard to master.

However, now, this connected cube is helping tea drinkers pour the perfect cup.

42tea is a connected cube and accompanying app that guides users through each of the steps of tea preparation based on the type of tea so that it is made the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.

Along with telling the user the precise dosage, temperature and brewing time, 42tea also adjusts recipes to better appeal to the tastes of personalized preferences. That means users can make their favorite lemon ginger tea without it tasting so strong.

Users can also discover new flavors to try out the way they were meant to be enjoyed. The app analyzes the user's tea consumption to create a palate profile of sorts to recommend new varieties to drink.

The system is compatible with all brands and varieties of teas that can be prepared either hot or cold. It works by first having the user select the tea they want and adding it into the small, 36 mm by 36 mm cube. Place the cube on top of the tea box so that the app can identify that specific variety the user is about to make. The user will first have to go into the app's settings to register the tea. 42tea created tea storage containers that are made out of wood to best preserve the tea's flavors and that contain a chip that works with the cube.

Then, using the app, the tea drinker selects how many cups they are about to make and is given directions on how much water they will need in relation to the tea dosage.

The cube, which can fit into any size kettle, is then placed in water. The app will notify the user when it reaches its ideal brewing time, and they can then pour their perfect cup of tea.

42tea is currently in development and launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund it. Those who pledge $61 or more will get the Tea 4-2 Pack, which comes with the 42tea cube, access to the app and one tea storage container when it's expected to ship anywhere in the world this December.

The campaign has raised more than $13,000 of its $15,000 goal with one more week left to go.

Source: Kickstarter

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