Plex Cloud Taps Amazon Drive To Ditch Your Home Media Server: Unlimited Storage, Nothing To Install [Video]


Plex has a new Plex Cloud service in store, allowing users to keep their media library in the cloud and easily access it without a home media server.

Plex Cloud taps Amazon's $60-per-year Drive service, offering unlimited storage. This means that Plex users will be able to store their whole media server within their Amazon Drive account, without having to worry about upload limits, data caps or anything of the sort.

A Plex Pass subscription is a must for this scheme, and it's available at $5 per month, $40 per year or $149 for life.

"Plex Cloud is always on and accessible. We take care of all the annoying stuff like software updates and power bills," touts Plex.

"Plex Cloud eliminates the need to run your own local Plex Media Server and manage an always-on computer or NAS [network-attached storage]," the company adds. "With the simplified setup and no hardware or network challenges, you'll be streaming quicker than ever!"

It's worth pointing out, however, that a number of features will not be available at launch. Such features include Mobile Sync, Camera Upload, Cloud Sync, DLNA, Media Optimizer and DVR.

For the time being, the new Plex Cloud is available just to a few select Plex Pass users on an invite-only beta basis. Interested customers can sign up for the chance to take part in the beta.

Plex further points out that unlimited Amazon Drive accounts are not yet available in some areas, but users can still trial the Plex Cloud service.

The new Plex Cloud marks a major step forward for the company. So far, Plex has been turning devices into personal media servers, but required installing Plex software onto a local device.

With Plex Cloud, users no longer need to install anything or have an always-on PC or some other network-connected hardware to take advantage of the Plex media server. With nothing to install and unlimited storage, Plex Cloud now wants users to ditch their home media servers and enjoy the freedom of the cloud, thanks to its new partnership with Amazon Cloud Drive.

In other words, it may require Plex Pass and Amazon Drive paid subscriptions, but it aims to significantly simplify the whole experience.

Plex Cloud will eventually include all of Plex's features, including its media player software or transcoding capabilities. For more details about the new Plex Cloud service and what it brings to the table, check out the video below.

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