Apple is already in full swing with the development of its upcoming smartphone, which sources say is referred to as "iPhone 8" by the employees of the company.

The anonymous tipper adds that a part of the handset's hardware will be made in Israel, at the OEM's offices in Herzliya.

Sources familiar with the matter are touting that next year's flagship model from Apple will look substantially different from the iPhone 7, which backs previous rumors about revamping of the current iPhone design.

Speculation roams free about the naming of the 2017 iPhone. Following the trend of former years, the smartphone should sport the name "iPhone 7s," but seeing how many changes will be in store for the upcoming device, this seems unlikely.

Business Insider reports that its source from Apple's manufacturing line divulged "in broken English" that the next year's smartphone will be packing an even better camera than the one found in the iPhone 7. This seems credible, as Apple has strived to overpass its former phones in terms of technical specs, camera included.

The Apple employee, which solders components for Apple, hinted that staff in Israel is working hard on the next handset from the company, and even made a clear mention of "iPhone 8."

"The worker used the term "iPhone 8" unprompted in our conversation," reads Business Insider.

The publication notes that the logical step in phone's naming would be iPhone 7s, with the iPhone 8 scheduled for 2018.

Rumors about the purported iPhone 8 claim that the device will feature an all-glass body and edge-to-edge display, and for the first time in Apple history, the camera and Touch ID will be integrated in the display. Taking a leaf out of iPhone 7, Apple will renounce the physical Home Button. Reports from September this year show that the iPhone 8 will be wireless charging-friendly.

There is an additional reason to believe that Apple will opt for a number in its 2017 smartphone, instead of an "s." The first iPhone rolled out in 2007, meaning that next year the company will celebrate 10 years of smartphone success.

In 2015, Tim Cook, the helm of Apple made an official visit to the Herzliya offices, which he labeled as his company's second largest R&D facility.

Seeing how Apple's R&D offices in Herzliya are removed from the marketing and branding arms of the enterprise, and since it is still too soon to make final statements about next year's gadget, take the iPhone 8 report with a mandatory grain of salt.

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