Logitech announced its latest webcam today, aimed for users who are big on livestreaming games on YouTube or Twitch. The Logitech C922 Pro Stream features 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps streaming.

Gaming channels on YouTube come in regular droves, boasting a firm online community that regularly tunes in to gaming livestreams, a major remote experience for those engaged in the expansive eSports community.

While at times, the activity proves somewhat nefarious given the aspect of gambling bleeding into streams, the popularity is still undeniably quite massive, as Business Insider once reported that Twitch alone chiseled 43 percent of all live video-streaming traffic, according to QWilt data in 2014.

Now, Logitech is upping the ante of webcams intended for livestreaming, giving users an upgraded gear. Logitech's previous webcam, the C920, has been sitting proverbially in front of users' faces, eye sockets dutifully recording HD livestreaming for five years now. Only natural that a refresh is in order.

"With the C922 Pro Stream Webcam, we are taking game casting to the next level so you can easily broadcast your gameplay like a pro, better engage with your community, and stand out from the crowd," Guillaume Bourelly, webcam product manager at Logitech, said.

The C922 was announced by Logitech on Sept. 29, at TwitchCon in San Diego, sporting a slightly different form factor than its predecessor. But a more significant feature of the C922 is its background removal tool, a way to separate the gamer disparate from their background. If the feature works well, then this speaks volumes with regard to eliminating the costs involved in background removal. Previously, to remove a streamer from their background, a green screen would be set up, along with a comprehensive lighting system that eliminates shadows.

The webcam will also feature sharp autofocus and automatic low-light correction for players huddled beneath the confines of a dim environment as they play. Logitech also promises that the webcam will adjust to rooms subject to flickering lights and those with multiple computer screens. Two omnidirectional microphones are embedded in the C922, so placing it anywhere streamers prefer will not mean a drop or stagger from crisp, high-quality audio.

For the C922, Logitech said that it closely collaborated with XSplit, a livestreaming and recording software, for it to seamlessly integrate its apps with the webcam. It comes with an XSplit premium license that will last up to three months, opening up access to the software's professional grade tools, allowing for an immediate and no-frills streaming as soon as you get the webcam.

The C922 Pro Stream webcam is available now for $99.99.

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